Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mercury Retrograde cuz it is not Crazy Enough.

Mercury Retrograde
February 6  4:43pm EST  - Feb 28.

You know instead of talking about the yucky part of Mercury retrograde, let's focus on the good.
It is time to slow down. It is time to research. It is time to rethink your faith.  It is time to recalibrate your spirituality--meaning do you have any?   It is time to suspend reality and poke into the surreal.  It is time to find your inner radar.   What is bleeping?   Have you been denying when you hear a bleep on your radar?  Well, you won't be so cavalier with your gut after retrograde has completed.

Don't sign important papers.  Try to delay major purchases.  Please watch your driving.  Please put your phone down when you drive.    Put gossip on a diet.   And do not hit send until you double check who is CC.   Seriously, you don't want to hurt someones feelings especially because you are having a temporary emotional burst.

Oh, and you take medication...really watch it.   Don't mix up stuff.
And I would strongly urge you NOT to meet with your accountant during the retrograde.
Get your numbers figured out but do not file your taxes until after Mercury turns direct.

Watch your friendships.  Are you elevated when you leave your friend or down in the dumps? What does that tell you?  Watch what you learn about friends for the next three weeks.

Here are a couple of links to other astrologer's take on Mercury Retro.  It is  important to me that you get a variety of POVs:

Dark Star



  1. Are you serious about the "no file"on taxes? I have an appt on the 25th.....

  2. have your appointment but don't send them in until after the 28th.