Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nodes Change Sign

I need apologize, I totally forgot to give you guys a heads up about the nodes changing signs. I know I talked about it in the fall and I think early winter and I had it in my notes but I totally forgot to up up this cycle.   So, here I am one day after the sign change.   The nodes are in a sign for about two years.    We have been processing North Node/South Node in Scorpio and shadow Taurus since 2012. Now we have begun a new chapter.  Relationships and negotiations are in the hot seat.  

Remember the nodes are not a planet.  They are a point, way too complicated to explain the point but it involves the sun and the moon and earth.  

In your natal chart when you look at your north node you are looking at where you need to stretch. It is the karmic doorway.   When I first started studying nodes many years ago I was blown away by the charts of my friends and how perfect the nodes spoke to their souls.    As a friend I could see, the lesson a bit more clearer than my friends  but with time and time and time, my friends would find themselves really understanding their nodes.  Not by anything I told them or what they read but just as they evolved.  The nodes speak to our evolution.  We are born with a karma and dharma path.  The south node is the easy path, the path of least resistance it is the skill that we know so well (from a previous lifetime) but what stretches us (this lifetime) is to "do" the north node.  Do what the north nodes asks but use the knowledge of the south to provide the ballast.  

We are put on notice that relationships, finding balance, looking at the other person's perspective, finding an equilibrium BUT not selling out, no giving up on YOU.  Remember Aries is self and that is where we find our ballast and to continue the metaphor, in rough seas a sailor always wishes for more ballast.     So, stretch, negotiate, keep cool (Libra is air sign) use strategy but don't sell out for  'peace at any cost.'  

How was your Feb 19th? Did you feel the shift?
So begins this next two year journey.  

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