Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Gift for You! This Scorpio New Moon

In honor of Scorpio New Moon I wanted to give you guys a gift.   All Scorpio related.

First of all,  let’s talk about RESOURCES that is a good ol’ Scorpio word.  I have a feeling some of you are owed money.  Even money you might not know is owed to you.  

A few years ago I gave this link to a few (jillion) friends of mine and many, many of them found money.   One of my friends found $5k and was so excited he posted the link on his blog and then one of his friends found out he was owed $30K.   
Found money from your past.  What could be more Scorpio?

Go HERE and follow the links.   Happy Hunting.  I wish you a bunch of dough.
Although at this time of the year any found money great.


Speaking of money, are you in a real pinch?  Do you know about Modest Needs?

See if these people can help you.  They have helped a few of my friends.  Go HERE


Do you need to modify a loan?  Or are you worried about a foreclosure?
Go HERE for help.  A totally Scorpio topic.  


And in the spirit of Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn rules time.  Do you have a few hours to volunteer?  Do you know about a Time bank?   Go HERE ….


And then there is your DNA, another great Scorpio topic.  
I have a Mars in Scorpio trine Moon in Cancer so if you know astrology you know I have a pretty good handle on my genealogy.   Actually, I whipped through my tree on both sides so thoroughly that I moved on to my step family tree, then my friends, then my husband, then his family…as you can tell once I started I couldn’t stop.  Anyway,  I love   but if you don’t want to join a for pay site, then you should know about Cyndi’s list.    It is free and good.   Plug in your mom’s mom and see what you find.  HERE

And finally, there is SEX which goes with the Scorpio profile—A girlfriend of  mine owns a business that has adult toys for you know what…she is very lovely.  Take a look at her site, there might be some thing you would enjoy.  HERE

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