Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dig Up Charles Darwin

In honor of Neptune stationing direct tomorrow I thought I would put up something I saw that kind of humored me.  Apparently, one of those jokers in the cuckoo side of the US Congress was re-elected.   His name is  Robert Broun and he is a creationist from Georgia who said evolutionists are from the gates or hell...or something like that.  Yeah, he is one of those guys who think that earth is only 5, 000 years old and get the picture.   The guy ran unopposed (Honestly, is there anyone in the 10th district of Georgia who can run against him next time?)   but he did have some critics who wrote in the name of Charles Darwin as their preference for congressman.    Darwin got 4,000 votes.

What makes this so interesting to me is that when scientist Charles Darwin researched and then wrote his book Origin of Species it was smack in the middle of the last time Neptune was in Pisces in the 19th century.

And there we were one week before Neptune turns direct in his home sign Pisces, a place Neptune has not been since the 1860's--we find Charles Darwin in the news again.    Imagine what he would think if he were alive today and able to lead his citizens in Athens County Georgia?    Well, actually given their choice of Broun these 21st century idiots may have Darwin rethink evolution.

Charles Darwin earns 4,000 write-in votes against creationist Ga. congressman

By Associated Press, Published: November 8

ATHENS, Ga. — Charles Darwin earned almost 4,000 write-in votes against a Georgia congressman who denounced evolution and other scientific theories as “lies straight from the pit of hell.”
The symbolic votes in Athens-Clarke County were a small percentage of more than 209,000 votes won by Republican Rep. Paul Broun in his unopposed re-election Tuesday.
The Athens Banner-Herald reports ( ) that write-in totals weren’t immediately available for the other 24 counties in his district.
Broun gave a speech to a church group on Sept. 27 lambasting evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory. Critics urged voters to write in the 19th-century British naturalist who is considered the father of evolution.

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