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Who will win the crappiest job in the world? -The President is..



I confess I have had many a conversation with friends about who will win the election.  A year ago I was not so sure.   Six months ago I had more of a feel for it.  I didn’t put it out here on my blog because well I was honestly not as concerned about the actual winner of the election but more about the process given the fact that Mercury was turning retrograde on November 6. 

I indicated here in the beginning of summer that my own mother who is not an astrologer (but versed in it) said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Romney won the popular vote and Obama won the electoral vote.”  Funny in a weird odd karmic way of course, not funny “ha-ha” way especially if your first name begins with a K and your last name is Rove.

Anyway, now as the polling continues to drill on and on like we are all getting root canal, many people are suggesting that a split might be a real possibility.  A couple weeks when I was hideously busy with personal projects and the last thing I had time for was digging around in old presidential fun facts,  I could not stop myself and I scratched the itch.  I looked up the astro charts for the elections where the votes were split: 1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000 election.  Dear lord, let me never have to read about 1824 again. What a cluster F**k of an election.   Long story short they still don’t know who had that popular vote.  Don’t ask.   Anyway, when I looked at those charts I did see similarities.    1888 & 2000 had mercury stationary (retro).  But in those cases mercury was in the 12th secret and house of confusion.   On Tuesday’s station  we will have Mercury in Sag and it will be way out there for all of us to see in the 1st house.  Everyone will have a megaphone if one chad is out of place.     There was Jupiter in Gemini in 2000 and in the 7th house.   This is the same for this Tuesday.   The 7th house is all about fairness.   How fair the election feels will be a huge discussion for weeks if not months.   Curiously and this is really interesting both in 1876 and 1888 Jupiter was in Gemini’s opposite sign of Sagittarius in the 1st house.      Jupiter in Gemini is very similar in feel as Jupiter in Sagittarius.   There is a “the people have spoken” quality to both placements for Jupiter.  Also Gemini and Sag rule writing and media and I can only guess how the spin teams for Grover Cleveland and Rutherford Hayes played this out.  My guess is that it was not pretty.

Looking closer at Jupiter, in 1876 Jupiter squared Saturn.   In 1888 Jupiter opposed Pluto, in 2000, Jupiter opposed Pluto.   On this Tuesday Jupiter will be opposition to Mercury (wide) which is causing pressure but it is not as hard of an aspect as in those other charts.    I do think it will get murky perhaps very tedious and slow but I gotta say I do not think there will be a split.    I think it will be long and hard and we won't know the answer for some time.  But I don't think it will be a split.

So, what about the actual outcome who is going to end this game and get on with it?

Well, first of all I want to offer you a very thoroughly written article, probably one of the best I have EVER seen about presidential elections from an astrological perspective. Chris Brennan at PoliticalAstrology began this process several months ago.  He reached out to astrologers all over the world either by directly emailing them or finding their predictions on their blog and he put up all their reasons for why they chose the way they chose.   Some astrologers are modern western, some are vedic, some are Hellenistic.  31 of these astrologers predict Obama will win and they give their reasons in the link provided by Chris.  Included in this list are Bernadette Brady, Claude Weiss and Chris.   Then there are 14 astrologers who predict Romney will win and they too give their reasons for their conclusion.  Included in this list is Bill Meridian who I respect úber much. 

Then there are three astrologers, Susan Miller, Lynn Hayes and a vedic astrologer Joni Patry who say the chart for the election is inconclusive primarily because of the Mercury Retrograde.  I can relate to their feeling of resistance by saying who is going to rise out of those murky waters.   The article goes on to mentions 8 astrologers who are more worked up about Mercury than the actual the election including my favorite, Michael Lutin.  

For a while now I have been saying to my astrologer friends that I see all those Saturn transits in Mitt’s chart in November including Saturn Square Saturn; Saturn trine Mars; and Saturn square Midheaven and on one hand that could be a man who has to sack up and do a lot of work which could easily define a man who is about to be the leader of the free world ---but at the same time it can also be a time of jettisoning that stuff which does not really speak to one’s soul.   Saturn is a funny player.  He either turns us into fathers or he makes us walk away and stop pleasing dad.   Not just literally but also figuratively.  Mitt also has Jupiter square Mercury and Jupiter sextile Pluto.  

In November in Obama’s chart Saturn trines Chiron, Saturn semi square Moon, Saturn squares Mercury, Saturn sextile Pluto, North node sextile Saturn and Jupiter sextile Sun.

Both men have a mixed lot.  Both positive and snarky aspects.    

But going back to Saturn, at the end of the day, Saturn says, “Do you really want something? Is it really in you?”   After the first debate many people questioned if Obama really wanted the job because they were so shocked by his performance or lack of it.  But and this is important, his desire for the job as president was never called into question before that date.  And then at the next debate he stepped up and made it clear he wanted the job.  With Mitt Romney it is murkier.   In the summer Peggy Noonan a conservative columnist spoke out that he seemed like he was not really committed.  Same with David Brooks and other conservative pundits.   They later changed their tune after his debate and said they thought he did want it.  But really there were months of questions prior to October.  So, the question with Saturn is “Are you playing not to lose or playing to win?”  Guess who Saturn rewards and guess who he liberates from their shackles?

As a person who has lived my whole life with Saturn conjunct Sun, I really know how to smell someone who is playing to win and not just playing NOT to lose.   And knowing how Saturn rewards by liberating. I believe Barack Obama will win the presidency and Mitt will be relieved even if he doesn’t say so to anyone but his family. 

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