Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde at 5 Sag

Tuesday, November 6, 6:04pm EST


Oh, where to begin?


Mercury retrograde will of course be pouring itself all over this election. Won't it?


Along with the retrograde Jupiter is also retrograde in Gemini –and the last time we had both of these strange encounters was the general election of November 2000. Yeah, that was lame. What will it be this year? More hanging chads? Who knows but NO one will be making a congratulatory phone call until it is a sure thing. That is definite.  My husband is not an astrologer but even he remembers 2000 as clearly as I do and he swears we won’t have an answer until December.   I dunno. 



This is our last mercury retrograde for the year and with Mercury in Sagittarius our brains are focused on truth, opinions, judgments and visions. Do our goals speak to our values? Does truth bring balance? Perhaps some of us have been so focused on the here and now that we have lost sight of our bigger goals? Or perhaps others have their sights on something so beautiful and shiny but during the retrograde we are not sure it matches what is inside our soul. The fact that retrograde begins on a Libra lunar cycle and ends on a Scorpio lunar cycle clearly means our values will be shifting from airy fairy (Libra) to black and white (Scorpio).


During the retrograde do not make major decisions and try to hold off on major purchases. You can research like a crazy person and you can fine tune projects but try not to launch anything important during the retrograde.


Look backwards for a moment and think about later:

The three weeks before the retro are called the shadow and the three weeks after the retro area is also the shadow. For your calendar you should note that on October 19, Mercury went into its  shadow which means it crosses 19 Scorpio then it continues along to Tuesday (November 6) stations (turns retro) and then on November 26 it straightens out and continues until December 14 when it finally gets to 5 Sag again.


What this means is between October 19 and November 6 we may see some stuff come up that will need attention during the retrograde. Then after the retrograde between November 26 and December 14 we can see those topics come up again but now we will have resolution.


But what do we know most of all----could be said best by my little Beat friends from the 80’s ---- SAVE IT FOR LATER


  1. I think the big Merc problem in the election is Sandy, and the problems voting in the tri-state area--the NYT is already reporting that all the polling places may not be up and running, and that the election for the area could be delayed by as much as 20 days--unprecedented! Zowie!

  2. did you see my posting about Florida as well?
    Mercury, mercury, mercury.