Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Light this Candle!" - Neptune Direct

On November 11,  Neptune turns  direct at 1 degree Pisces.   Neptune of course loves being in his home sign of Pisces and even though he moved into Pisces back in February we are all still getting to know him in his sign.   When a planet is their home sign it is empowering for the planet and the last time Neptune was in Pisces was during 1847-1861.    He officially slipped into Pisces this year then three months later turned retrograde.  Since June, Neptune has been tuning in his nobs and getting his different frequencies locked.   It is interesting that Neptune is turning direct in Libra cycle given Neptune is the higher octave of Venus (Libra’s ruling planet).  What does that mean?    Venus is the love between this person and that person, Neptune is the bigger love, the love of humanity.      

Neptune is also spirituality and the unknown and how God speaks to us.   Because Neptune can be so dang kooky in many ways he is more comfortable going backwards.  He gets lost in the background noise.    Think of the crazy homeless guy yelling out nonsense on the crowded corner, lost in the traffic noise.   Now when Neptune turns direct the traffic is quiet and we actually hear the homeless person.   What is he saying?  Wait a minute he sort of makes sense!    

What messages have we all been getting from Neptune but we could not hear it from all the noise.  Now turning direct we will start to tune in.    See if some silly thought you have had come up during the last four months now makes sense.    And having Neptune turn direct in Libra asks us if our spirituality is balanced in our life?   Has prayer been neglected? Or have we been relying too much on it?   Whatever it is, light a candle on November 11 and tell Neptune and God, “Hey I know you got a secret for me, I’m listening now.”  

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