Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mercury Turns Direct

We can all get on our knees and thank the heavens for stationing Mercury and ending this hideous retrograde not one second too soon.
I found this particular retrograde to be especially annoying.  How many computer and printer issues can one person have?  I will be wrapping up the retrograde with a tech guy coming over and looking at my computer and straightening out my emails which will not open. I will be dropping off the printer for 2nd time to be fixed and I will be fixing the other printer as well which seems to do nothing but spread black ink. 

Monday 11/26 5:48pm EST--Mercury turns direct at 19 degree of Scorpio.  When I was writing up the New Moon Chart at the end of October I had not realized that Mercury direct was happening in the late afternoon-early evening (east coast) on Cyber Monday.   Scorpio is of course one of our money signs.  It is banks and loans and debt.  And here we have it turning direct on the day where all of our in boxes receive coupons to buy products online for the big Christmas push.   Curious. Will we do it in the morning but regret it by the evening when it turns direct? 

At the same time that Mercury is turning direct in Scorpio we have Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto about to receive Mars which is Scorpio's old ruling planet (before we discovered Pluto).
That is a lot of Scorpio energy at a high consumerism time.  But as we know Capricorn is a sign that can be very, very practical unless it is insecure and then it wants things for 'status'.

Look around your world and see what your friends and family are buying?  Ask yourself 'why are they buying?'  What hole are are they trying to fill?  If it is legit and smart and practical then great, everyone is learning the gift of Capricorn.

If it is all about ego and trying to fluff up one's esteem then that is bad.  How about that word?  Yeah, sometimes things are just bad.

And what about us?  Those of us who are smart and know the energy of the planets and check in with ourselves can ask ourselves, "Have I learned anything during the retrograde about my own self esteem? "  Or what do I really want or need or do I know the difference?  What are you willing to go into debt about and what are you willing to skip?

This should be an interesting time for congress and the president to figure out the move before the fiscal cliff.  

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