Monday, November 12, 2012

Scorpio New Moon 2012

Happy Veteran's Day.

You will find the entire Scorpio New Moon article on Margaret Wendt's website.   I have mentioned before that these cardinal moons, Cap, Aries, Cancer and Libra have been so wonky that they make me enjoy the light Scorpio New Moons.  And believe me no one ever uses 'light' as a desciption for Scorpio. 

Having said that we do have Mars conjuncting Pluto near the middle of the 28 day cycle which should bring us all that lame cardinal stuff up for a bit.  Blech.  But all in all, I am looking forward to the Scorpio cycle and making the most of it.  I hope you will do as well.

Here is a snippet.  Go to link for the full article.



Let’s get our Morph on


First of all, you know Scorpios.   We all know Scorpios.  Do they do anything half measured?  Do they just float through life without much direction or purpose?  Do they look for things that are in the middle?    Because you truly do know Scorpios the answer you just screamed out was “NO!”  And you are correct.  They are either all in or not in at all.    


Scorpio is intense.  It likes black and white it does not like grey.  It likes short it likes tall it does not like middle.   It longs for empowerment and will seek power.   It seeks death in order to reborn.    It is perhaps the bravest sign in the zodiac because when other people talk about doing stuff or think out loud about this or that, it is Scorpio that suits up and does it.   They are natural generals.  They are natural lawyers (in particular criminal lawyers).  They are natural mobsters.    But that stuff is old news.  What about 21st century Scorpio energy?   Their mood swings can be great but thankfully God created Prozac and the like. The internet gets them in trouble because they have so much power at the ends of their fingers.  Don’t believe me?  Ask General Petraeus who is a married Scorpio, has a Scorpio girlfriend and somewhere in that mess someone sent a harassing email to some woman knows Petraeus.  She reaches out to the FBI, a Scorpio business and they track down the emails to Petraeus and his girlfriend and just as our heads are starting to split with way too much information, Petraeus, resigns from CIA the top Scorpio business.     Wow. Where to begin?


Besides the intrigue, sex and power and all the other stuff that makes Scorpio go bump in the night, let us remember that the basic tenants of Scorpio is the following:  They are disciplined, focused, committed, passionate and put everything on the line. They simply cannot wake up with themselves in the morning if they have done anything half assed especially on subjects they deem important.  


Scorpio is directly related to our DNA, it is the part of us that connects us to our history and our future even the future after we are gone.    What moves us on a cellular level?  How does it connect to our life force?   How are we accessing it?   Why or why not are we accessing it?....... link continues article.

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    Great Scorpio new moon article, and Scorpio Mer-in-ret, too--completely appropriate and amazing.