Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking Ahead.....

The week begins with a Crescent Moon on Monday.  So, we continue to get information. 
Focus on:   What information are you receiving that speaks to your high ideals?  What are you learning that can help your career?  Generally speaking what are you learning about your career choice?    What is speaking to your executive abilities?  
Then on Tuesday we shift into a more action phase with a first Quarter Moon.  During first quarter we have a lot of energy going on including Sun Square Neptune on the 22nd. This happens twice a year, the last one was in May.  Confusion, communication kind of wonky.---perhaps a big ol lie from someone.   Goals and big mouths will be at odds. 
Then the next day on the 23rd Mars and Uranus are squaring off.  Not a good aspect for what is going on in the Mideast.  Volatility may be exaggerated all week building to a crescendo on Friday.    At the very least, tempers will be short.   
Gobble. Gobble.  Sigh.

November 20, 9:31am EST

Focus on:   What actions can you take that engage you within a group? What actions can you take that join you with like minded others?  What actions can you do that are unique?  How can you be more innovative in your actions?

Special focus:

11/21: Sun in Sagittarius – a friendly email and maybe a glass of wine in 2013 is all your Sag friend needs

11/22: Happy Thanksgiving Day

11/22: Sun Square Neptune: Purpose that is confused.  Vitality feels cut off.  Dismissing and dismissed.

11/22: Venus trine Neptune:  When all else fails, use gentleness and you’ll inspire yourself and others.

11/23:Mars square Uranus:  Yikes.  Sharp elbows poke everyone.   Try to  avoid skirmishes.

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