Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cancer Full Moon : December 28, 2012

Sun conjunct Pluto square Uranus oppose Moon---gotta give you a food reference with this one.   Please enjoy this photo of a Century Egg.  

Cancer Full Moon
7 Cancer 06

December 28, 2012
5:31am  EST

When the Sun and Moon are tugging on each other, it can be rough.  With the Moon in Cancer our emotions can floor us.   However, the Sun in Capricorn as riled up as it is will resist showing feelings.   The desire is to be “cold as ice”.    

Before the Moon goes full, it receives a shock from Uranus.  Something unpleasant will certainly occur, globally for sure and perhaps personally for many.   Before the shock wears off we go into the full moon --which will be like a deep freeze.  

Pluto is in conjunction with Sun and opposed Moon on the full moon chart.  Pluto will exactly conjunct the Sun on December 30 so we are feeling the power of Pluto for several days.   It happens once a year but NOT always with the opposition to Moon.     I know…lucky us.    Where are we feeling blocked?  Where are we feeling disconnected from power?    Where are we feeling cut off from the things we really want?    Why?   Why is it going down this way?   What does it look like to freeze our emotions and get practical about real work?     Bitching about stuff that you have been bitching about for year(s) will feel out of place.   No one is listening.  No one cares.   What would it look like for you to freeze your emotions and just change shit? As Uranus and Pluto continue to slog it out this year there may be a personal gift in the tension of these days that will serve us later as Pluto and Uranus do their thing.    We would all be smart to learn from these three days.

Those people with planets at 7-10 degrees of cardinal signs will be feeling the tension more than others.    Pluto demands dedication and focus.  But at the same time he demands work he also empowers.   Imagine a person who has lost fifty pounds.   God knows weight loss takes a lot of focus and commitment but as the pounds fall off-- the person gains more and more confidence.    That speaks of Pluto.   Metamorphosis.    What needs your power?  Where do you need empowerment?  What needs to be transformed?  If you are slightly confused…you won’t be after these three days.  Something will get your attention.

I find it mindboggling that this pretty tough full moon is taking place while the US congress and President have to maneuver their way to avoid a fiscal cliff.    Will they do it?    Or are they just a preserved duck egg.   Don't know.     

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