Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sagittarius new moon

Hey---Happy Sag New Moon!

The new moon is December 13, 3:41am EST.

I put up the whole article HERE.

But here is a snippet.    Please go out there and find your target.   Aim your arrow.   You know your heart has been wanting this for a long time.  Now do it!



Lots going on to with this Sag lunar cycle—ya, think?   Google 12-21-12 & Mayans and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  


Issue #1:  Supermoon


First things first.   This New Moon is another Supermoon (as was last month)

which means it is both perigree (close to earth) and sygzy (lines up with earth and moon) and according to Richard Nolle the astrologer who coined the term SuperMoons  has determined that there are more earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters around Supermoons.  Curiously there was a 7.1 quake in Indonesia on 12/11…..anyway, you can read more at Richard Nolle’s website found here:   




Issue #2: Maya how you spin


Apparently on 12/21/12 the Mayan calendar ends.   And despite all the conversation out there in the fringe and not so fringe worlds, I want to tell you right now, we will all wake up on 12/22 and rip off the 12/21 page from our daily calendar—and yes the Maya may not have a 12/22/12 but I am confident on that morning, cute kittens, daily quotes, Dilbert cartoons or whatever is our daily calendar will be staring back at us.    Great.   And come on, in your soul you already knew that, right? 


So, what is going on for us non mayans on December 21, 12? 

Most school children know that 12/21 is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice south of the equator.    For those in the north it is the shortest day of the year, for those in the south, it is the longest day of the year.   Interesting, the Maya lived in the area close to the equator and so the day and the nights about the same length.   Anyway, on that day the Sun goes into Capricorn and the moon will be in Aries trine Mercury.  Not a huge date of activity.       Weird, all that noise for a kind of ho hum day.   


But if we open up the window from Dec 19 to Dec 22 we get a few more significant astro notes.   On the 19th Venus trine Uranus and Moon sextile Mars.  Then on the 20th Moon Square Sun, conjunct Uranus, trine Venus.  Along with Venus square Pluto, Moon quincunx Saturn, Moon sextile Jupiter and Jupiter quincunx Pluto  --that is a lot.   On the 22nd  the Sun sextiles Neptune, Moon square Mars, Jupiter quincunx Saturn, Moon sextile Neptune and trine Sun.  And Venus opposition Jupiter.    Okay, that is a lot of energy.    Probably of the group of all those aspects I would put the emphasis on Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto aspects (More on that later).    Okay so that window of days has a lot of aspects but nothing that is going to end the world.  Given it is the holiday season there will be a lot of pressure to please self, please others and please our calendars.   Blech.    And because some of the aspects are pretty snarky we may find ourselves in bitchy conversations and a hard spots.    But heavens, nothing we can’t get through or rise above.  Especially with Sag lunar cycle.  


Sagittarius Lunar cycle

The Sagittarius energy is fiery but unlike the other two fire signs, Sag is the ...... (go to link for full article).

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