Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On this Christmas Day....

I wanted to share with you a thoughtful piece written by Suzi Dronzek at her website  Starcana  I have to admit when I heard of the tornadoes in the gulf states on Christmas day (!) I thought of Mars in Aquarius.  

Mars enters Aquarius, Brutal Winds in Friendly Skies, Astrology for December 25, 2012, Christmas

weelogoOur recent movements through life were to be more structured and thorough during the past weeks with Mars in responsible Capricorn. Today on Christmas Day, we’re ready to break some rules and leap out of bounds as Mars (energy, actions) enters individualist Aquarius. It is the time to go out and make life happen, leaving tradition behind. Experience dreams and happiness by stepping outside the box. This fixed energy will keep us focused in the next four weeks to rebel against our normal circle and regular routines, to make more out of life.
With Mars in this airy element, it is suggested to spread ourselves more toward others, into larger groups while creating new friends… to utilize the power of communications and socializing, to relate with people on a higher level. It’s about taking on a new perspective, and making a major positive impact. Aquarius is the humanitarian, and Mars is the hero. Put these vibrations together, and you will understand that we as individuals CAN make a real difference, in our own lives – but more so, in the lives of others. It’s magical energy added to this special day, and to this season of giving. Ask for nothing in return, and simply offer a gift of love with a kind act. It’s the thought that counts. Share gifted presents, cards, and phone calls with loved ones, but remember your lonely elderly neighbor, and a stranger that you pass by.
Experience more joy in giving, rather than in receiving. Have gratitude in detachment. For when we form attachments with material ‘things’ and possessions, we can assume that this is where true happiness is. Eventually, when what we already have is not making us happy, we want more… which develops into materialism which feeds insecurities, greed, obsessions, feelings of power – recently described in my tarot post about meaning behind The Devil. As we let go of our own desires and extend our heart to another, we  allow our ego to transcend into light altruistic wings of an angel. And the more we give, the more we receive.. because a heart that is filled with love can never go empty.
On the flip side, know that the winds of change are upon us, and they can be fierce, direct, and merciless. We can force ourselves against their strengths just to scratch at locked doors, or we can flow with the breeze and see where new powerful gusts take us. The weather may be surprising brutal, but the truth in our actions may just as cruel as freedom is sought from ‘normal’ behavior. As in the title I used ‘Brutal Winds in Friendly Skies’, things may appear to be going fine, then all of a sudden we hit a bump or two – which can create a frenzy, put us in a panic, and force us to react out of fear. Or we can release the fear and sit calmly until the bumpy ride is over. How we choose to react in the weeks ahead, will affect the final outcome considerably.
Where work or relationship struggles exist – make a difference by strolling through an alternate route, sprinkling YOUR unexpected kindness along the way. Display the gentle truth that lies within. Do something big. Do something right. Do something humane and decent from the heart, that no one would expect. Then let it go. Hold onto nothing, and let it fly away freely… as if it were a dove from the heavens. Appreciate the opportunity to experience something positive. One nice gesture costs nothing. Pay it forward. Create distance from worn-out routine. Love. Grow. Learn something new about yourself.
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde
May you and yours, experience this special day in a quiet light that is loving, peaceful, and blessed

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