Monday, March 24, 2014

Aries New Moon 2014 Get out the way your life is coming!

Aries New Moon begins on Sunday March 30 at 2:44pm EDT.

This is not regular 28 day Aries lunar cycle.  God no.
It is a big ass cycle.   It is arguably one of the most powerful Aries New Moon of the century.  Yeah, read that twice,  
And  of course you all will be working on your Treasure Maps because you want to make the most of this powerful cycle.    Set your clock and put Treasure Map on your calendar.    You will find my whole article HERE.   But I have a snippet of the piece below.  Go to link for whole write up. And I've given you a big ol' song to get your juices going. 

The Big One
This New Moon has the Sun and Moon at 10 degrees Aries in conjunction (on top of) Uranus.  And all three are in harsh aspect to Pluto and Jupiter.   This chart is no day in the country.  The pressures will be strong but they are not pushing us willy-nilly, they only want one thing —Growth!  And not easy simple growth, they are pushing for the big ass growth, the kind that presses every button in our soul.   Remember, the New Moon by itself is a birth.  Every month we have a new moon that starts a new 28-day cycle.   And with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the birth is fiery, robust and strong enough to propel the energy not just for 28 days but for the whole year.  And that is a regular Aries new moon.  This year we have Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in the mix!    Obviously, we are double downing on change and evolution and beliefs and they are all playing with Aries matches!   Kaboom.

Uranus is THE planet of revolution.   He walks into the joint and turns the tables upside down   He is restless and a wee bit destructive but he is also brilliant.   If we didn’t have Uranus I would be writing this report on papyrus with pomegranate juice and handing it out to about three people.     Uranus speaks to society and speaks of computers, cyber and new technology. Uranus is also super odd, he lives to be weird and unusual.   During these 28 days you need to ask where are you feeling the need to change and overhaul? Where is your revolution?  Where do you need to be weird?  What is going on with new technology?  Where are the tables being turned over?  What does the chaotic energy tell you?    What are dust ups telling you about your life?

With Pluto the energy is about evolution.   Pluto is about deep and profound changes.   Going up against the Sun and Moon in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn wants everything to slow, slow, slow, down.   He wants the status quo to remain the same.   He speaks of big business.  How funny is it that after the economy crashed the people still with all the money are banks?  How perfectly Capricorn. 
But still Pluto speaks of evolution not revolution.   Changes need to be made deep in our cells, deep in our DNA.    Pluto knows that if you don’t make the changes deep in your psyche then everything else is just a geographic----meaning a move with no real difference.  If you do not address ‘deep seated fear’ or ‘guilt’ or ‘self worth’ then nothing will really happen.  And of course the lame part of Capricorn spends a lot of time in pretense and staying high above ‘the rest’ and that pisses off Aries who yells “Fraud” or worst, “Zombie”.   For 28 days we will need to finesse this energy.   Only you will know where you are living a fraud.  Only you will know where you let comfort with status quo stop you for going for the real enriched robust life that you really want.  Only you know where you are letting fear stop real evolution.   Only you know where guilt and self worth issues keep you small. 

Then there is Jupiter in Cancer –on one hand Jupiter in Cancer speaks to our emotions and our intuition.  What do we just ‘know’ when we walk into a room?  What do our roots (Cancer) tell us about who we are today?  Are they working for us?  How are emotions moving us?   On another level the changes you need to make will undoubtedly be connected to your beliefs (Jupiter) and with this harsh aspect beliefs that no longer serve will be up your grill.  For example, if you believe “All rich people are ______.”  And if that line is filled with a very negative word---then why on earth would the universe give you any monetary success?  Perhaps that belief or some other belief is left over from childhood (Cancer).   Is it serving you?  What about other opinions?  How many of them are rooted in childhood experience?  Also, Jupiter in Cancer is very tribal and very clannish.  My family, my block, my tribe---as cozy as we feel about our peeps it is also limiting and cloying.  You miss a whole wonderful world or opportunity if you insist on staying on your block with your peeps.  Consider being like Dorothy—perhaps a Uranus tornado will pick you up and take you on an adventure.  How will you get through it?  You will remember that your ‘home’ is inside you and all you have to do is click your heels.  

As you can see that is a whole lot of energy pushing for change.    And if we just had that chart I would say,  “phew!”  But wait there is more…

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