Monday, March 17, 2014

The Week Ahead

Well, this is how our silly week began today.

I need to look up the chart for Los Angeles, I know it is a Virgo but I can't remember the moon. I think maybe Aries?? or was it Pisces?  I dunno I got look up.

Anyway, back to this week.

First of all, let's go over the Clusterf$%k. As you remember once a week the moon moves into a cardinal sign activating the cardinal crosses.   We watch what melts during the cluster period.
3/16 Moon moves into Libra 8:46pm EDT
3/17 Moon square Jupiter 5:03pm EDT
3/17 Moon oppose Uranus 6:50pm EDT
3/17 Moon square Pluto 10:11pm EDT
3/18 Moon conjunct Mars 9:07pm EDT 

The week begins with Full Moon phase which started on Sunday (You can read more HERE.)

On Monday (3/17) Mercury moves into Pisces.  We go from heady, intellectual thinking to soft and muted intuition.   What are we ‘knowing’? 

February 20
8:20am EDT
Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on: How are you sharing your resources?  How does your faith ask you to co-mingle with others?  Where have you been frozen and where do you need a rebirth that can be shared? 

Special focus:

3/20: Sun in Aries.  Happy Spring!      Let’s all remember, if you aren’t willing to get out and lead---then get out of the way and let those who can do it…


  1. Yes, DO look at the LA chart--in the one I have (1850), the sun is at 14 of Libra, right in the crosshairs of the Ur/Pluto square. Gulp. Maybe this morning's jolt was just a preview?

  2. Are you sure that was LA? I've always seen LA as a Virgo. But it does have Moon in Aries. Early Aries. But it does have Libra Rising!

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