Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Today at 12:57pm EDT The Sun moves into Aries and the northern hemisphere moves into Spring.
Most of North America is climbing out of a very hard winter.   Then there are some of us living over here on the western edge of the continent who didn't have a winter.  SIGH.

The optimism of Spring may be a bit muted right now since the real sense of renewal and rebirth will take place on the Aries New Moon on March 30 (2:45pm EDT).    As I have indicated much in the last few weeks, we are currently in the phase of cleaning out the junk.  We should all be de-cluttering, clearing out stuff that you have been looking at for a year (or two).  That stuff  you mutter to yourself, "I've gotta get rid of that."    Clean, clean, clean.  You have 10 days to get rid of stuff.  Why?
Because on March 30th we start our new year.   We launch our intentions with a treasure map or even if you don't do a treasure map  you can write a list of intentions or affirmation.

So, why clear out stuff now?  Because no two things can occupy the same space.   If you have stuff cluttering up your home, car it is clogging up your brain as well.  It is hard to have a fresh start on March 30th if the same old same old is surrounding you.   Get rid of the things that are no longer working ALSO beliefs, judgements, opinions--perhaps even fears.  Are they still serving you?  Then why are they still in your life.   In the meantime enjoy the first day of Spring.

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