Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do We Have Lift ?

As I indicated in earlier posts, Jupiter turned direct today at 5:42am EST and as I mentioned there is a lot of gravitational pull with Jupiter.  For the last five months there has been a bit of take two steps forward and one step back.  I think partly that is also due to the fact Jupiter is in the crossfire of the cardinal crosses.  

Anyway, now that it is flying direct you should start to feel some lift.  It might be subtle, it might be one little thing is now finally coming together.   But whatever it is, welcome it with big arms.  

We need this lift.

I mentioned to a friend that I have been in a perpetual mercury retrograde for the last five days including a flat tire yesterday --which of course is curious since it turned direct on Friday.  But I think the whammy of Mercury, Mars, Saturn and today Jupiter turning direction all within six days was a bit too much.  And probably since my ruling planet is Jupiter (Sagittarius) I needed the big guy to straighten up and fly right.

Wishing you all a good lift off.



  1. Mimika in Genovefa sta dve protiovčerejski diktatorki. Saj zato pa je putika, če se nasprotuje ovčereji a uživati bi se moralo visokopurinsko svinjino. Dve ženski nori, bolje sami v hiši zelo trpeti kot pa na svoji zemlji kakšne ovce imeti. Mimika in Genovefa sta dve pravi protiovčerejski diktatorki.

  2. I completely agree, Tracy! It's felt like I've gotten really flat-footed in the last months, and I'm wondering if now, there's going to be a break. Could really use one.