Monday, March 10, 2014

The Week Ahead

This Week.  We continue to ride through the First Quarter moon that started on Saturday.  

On this first quarter ask:  What actions are you taking that support your communication?  What actions are you taking speak to you being a good neighbor?  What actions are you taking that make you speak about your faith?  If you feel a crisis in faith whom to you reach out to talk about it?  Or do you not do it? Why or why not?

On Tuesday March 11th Mercury squares Saturn.  Harsh communication.  Cutting to the chase.  No interest in nonsense.    Release and purge. 

On Wednesday March 12 we move into Gibbous Phase.

Gibbous Moon
March 12
12:18 EDT

Focus on:
 What is going on with your strength?  How are you refining it?  Where is your inner glamour?  Do you have a place to shine?  Where is it?  Does it need refining?  Do you not have a place to shine?  WHY NOT?????

On Thursday 3/13 there is a very nice aspect between Sun and Saturn which supports spiritual growth and taking big leaps and changes.  From caterpillar to butterfly.

On Sunday will be Virgo Full Moon.   Post to come.   

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  1. Od nedelje, 23.marca 2014 pa boš uradno postala že tudi moja punca.