Thursday, March 6, 2014

This Weekend

This weekend

On Saturday (3/8  8:26am) we move into a First Quarter Moon.  This is when we act on the seeds we planted last week on New Moon.   Just a reminder, this New Moon was Pisces and we are in the Piscean lunar cycle. Our emphasis is on going with the flow.  Letting go and softening or dissolving our harshness.  Finding the inner compass that is connected to G-d, spirit and the Universe.   And remember as you flow-- avoid the weeds of victim, karma and martyrdom—blech, disconnect from those yucky past lives. 

 On this first quarter ask:  What actions are you taking that support your communication?  What actions are you taking speak to you being a good neighbor?  What actions are you taking that make you speak about your faith?  If you feel a crisis in faith whom to you reach out to talk about it?  Or do you not do it? Why or why not?

On Sunday (9th) –First Set your clocks one hour ahead (Continental  USA) Daylight Saving time begins.

The cardinal Clusterf$%k  will also begin on Sunday when the Moon moves into Cancer.   Here’s your score card watch how it unfolds in your world (All EDT).

Sunday 3/9     Moon enters Cancers 9:33am EDT
Monday 3/10 Moon conjunct Jupiter 6:37am EDT
Monday 3/10 Moon square Uranus 8:04am EDT
Monday 3/10 Moon oppose Pluto 12:16pm EDT
Tuesday 3/11 Moon square Mars 3:50pm EDT

Should be interesting.

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