Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How will April play out for you?

We all know that next month is jammed pack with tension.   Did I say JAMMED pack?  As I have mentioned many times in the last six months.   Get rid of the nonesense in your life. Resist the temptation to be small and broken down.   Stretch for a fuller life.  Do not be stuck in fear.  Push yourself.   Use the tension to propel you to the next level.  And of course, if these planets are hitting any of your natal planets you are more invested in this ride whether you want to be or not.    

I will write more about it on the Aries New Moon but it is all worth pointing out now.

Just to get your head around the aspects--it will look like the following:
All in EDT
Aries New Moon
March 30 2014 2:44pm 

April 1 3:39am Sun square Jupiter
April 2 3:08am Sun conjunct Uranus
April 2 11:02pm Mercury trine Saturn 22 cancer/22 scorpio
April 3 5:21am Sun square Pluto 13 Aries/13 cap
April 3 Venus semi square Uranus
April 4 Venus trine north node
April 5 Venus enters pisces
April 7 Mercury enters Aries
April 8 5:03pm  Sun oppose Mars
April 11 Sun/semi square Neptune
April 11 Venus conjunct Neptune
Arpil 14 Mercury square Jupiter
Arpil 14 7:47pm Pluto turns retrograde
April 15 12:13am Mercury square Pluto   

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Libra
April 15 3:42 am EDT

April 16 Mercury opposite Mars 16 aries/libra
April 17 Venus trine Jupiter 13 pisces/cancer
April 18 Venus sextile Pluto
April 19 Sun enters Taurus

Exact Crosses
April 20 -23
April 20 3:28 am Jupiter square Uranus 13 deg 29  Cancer /Aries
April 20 7:26pm Jupiter opposite Pluto 13 deg 34 Cancer/Capricorn
April 21 3:30pm  Uranus square Pluto 13 deg 34  Aries/Cap
April 22 3:27pm Mars square Jupiter 13 deg 48 libra cancer
April 23 3:08am Mars opposite Uranus 13 deg 39 libra aries
April 23 5:16am  Mercury moves into Taurus (thank god)
April 23 9:37am Mars square Pluto 13 deg 33 Libra Capricorn

April 25 Venus 1:15pm Venus trine Saturn 21 pisces 9 d   21 Scorpio 9

Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon

April 29 2:14am EDT

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