Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy New Moon! Happy Treasure Mapping.

 How about a little Spring Serenade to get you in the mood.

We are finally here.   We have been talking about it for months.  The Aries New Moon is now active.
Because you have been following my blog for a long time, you are working on your Treasure Maps right now.   Or if not right this very second then you will try to have done :

Between March 30 (2:44pm EDT) and April 3 (5:03pm EDT )

If you can’t do it in the first 3 days then try to get done before first quarter moon, which is April 7 at 4:30am EDT

If you can’t get it done in by April 7

Then get it done by April 15 3:42am

If you can’t get it done by that date---then skip it this year.

Did you actually read about Aries New Moon?  It is a doozey.   All the more reason to dig in and make your map.  

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