Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jupiter turns Direct .....Watch the gravity shift--He is just that big!

March 6, 2014 
5:42am  EST
On March 6 the biggest guy around, Jupiter turns direct at 10 Cancer.    Back on November 6 Jupiter was at 20 Cancer when it turned retrograde and now apparently Jupiter who is always looking for a party decided to change course within a few days of Mars and Saturn changing direction.

Do you get the idea that the Universe is trying to get our attention?   Jupiter in Cancer is putting emphasis on our family and our roots, our emotions and the way we find our cozy.   Jupiter is so large and so big and likes things foreign and visiting places far from home that he is not exactly comfortable in cozy, quaint Cancer.  

But what he can do is help us connect with others who seem foreign.   Who needs our help?  I had a moment with a homeless man not too long ago and I thought about his mother.  What happened seventy years earlier when he was born?  Did she think he would be standing in front of a market seventy years later looking for extra change?  Or was she so asleep at the wheel as a mother that she set it up for him to be in this spot?  I dunno but my point is Jupiter asks us to make bridges.   Connect your emotions to something bigger.  Also, if you have had projects that will take you to a higher level but they have been stalled, you may finally get traction when the big guy turns direct.    Jupiter has a lot of gravity and you may see your emotions lift as he gains speed.

Of course we already have our heads tuned into the restlessness centered in April (cardinal crosses) of which dearest Jupiter is one of the major players.    Over the weekend we saw Mars, one of the other players turn retrograde and Putin dug into his Cra-Cra brain and pushed harder on Ukraine.  Let’s see what happens on the 6th when Jupiter gets in the mix.  Quick reminder, Jupiter is in Cancer the same Sun sign as the United States. We do tend to get emotional.   Hopefully we will all remain cool while we each deal with our own madmen.

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