Saturday, March 15, 2014

Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon
26 Virgo 01

March 16, 2014 
1:08pm EDT

Like everything --with this full moon we must consider context.
For example, if someone gives you an apple while you are poolside at a Four Seasons resort, you might say, “Thank you” and then you may or may not eat it.   However, if you were in the middle of the Gobi Desert where you had been stranded for two weeks and someone handed you an apple you would quickly cry tears of gratitude and gobble it up.    It’s not the apple it is where you are getting the apple. 

Such is the same with this weekend’s full moon.  It is not just that we are getting a big ol’ full moon it is the context of the bigger location.   Let’s consider the context.  

Context #1: From 30,000 feet and looking out.  
As everyone who reads my blog knows—we are about to hit a sh$tstorm of aspects in April.  The tension which has been building for months is palpable.  How has this month been so far?   Have you been feeling the pressure build?   
What if I told you (actually reminded you) that the building aspects speak to lifting us up out of fear?  How have you been stuck?  Where are you giving up and staying in the same ol’ same old because you are scared?   What do you know in your gut should change but you have (dear lord) a long list of reasons why it can’t change?    

Remember, the aspects centered in April speak to new breakthroughs and changes (Uranus in Aries),  transformation internally not just fixing the cosmetics (Pluto in Cap) opportunities through strong emotions (Jupiter in Cancer) and warrior actions in relationships (Mars in Libra).      That is four dynamic energies who mean business.    Wouldn’t it be nice to use it to your advantage?   

Context #2  -- the Pisces lunar cycle—release
On new moon (two weeks ago) we discussed that the Pisces lunar cycle is about trust and going with the flow.  It is about letting go and releasing.   It is also about trying to avoid the victim-perpetrator teeter-totter.  Watch the catch phrase, “why me?” Are you saying it a lot?   Do yourself a favor and make it not personal and consider, “oh, hell, why not me?” and move on.    And of course stay out of the weeds.  As you float through your days releasing if you see trouble off to the side---just keep drifting by.

Context #3: --What do I get from Virgo?
When Virgo excels it can come up with practical mechanics and solutions.   It ties up loose ends.  It dots the I’s and crosses the t’s.   It organizes.   It tidies.  It serves a greater good by organizing and keeping things ship shape on a daily schedule.    When Virgo is LAME it micromanages the world, it is an insecure nervous wreck,. It is super critical, atheist (even if it professes something else) and of course a complete total workaholic –but not effective workaholic, more like ‘making work’ workaholicsm. 

This full moon will shine light on our bad habits.  It will shine a light on our insecurities.  It will certainly shine a light on how we can improve our daily habits and where we are making work for ourselves.   
And the counterpoint to the full moon is the Sun in Pisces.  How are we flowing and letting go?  How are we in tune with spirit?  How are we processing intuition?  How do we ‘know’ something?   How are we finding our intuition and making it work for us?    Or how are we confused?  Lost?  Delusional?  How are we using “I-don’t-know” to stay small?   How are we using victim hood?  

We have a whole host of aspects coming up, use this full moon to launch your journey for the next six weeks.  

How is the full moon falling in your life?  Are you at a Four Seasons Resort or The Gobi Desert?

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