Monday, March 3, 2014

This Week

Sorry, I didn't get this up earlier today but I was slogging a few things and  I just couldn't get here.

First off let's talk about the Cardinal Clusterf$%k.

As you know while we are dealing with all the cardinal crosses that are centered next month (blech) we get a little taste of pressure whenever the moon crosses into a cardinal sign.  This happens once a week and you may have felt it during last night's Oscar telecast.  Did you feel the Moon in Aries when the plastic surgery hit your TV screen?  At one point I begged my husband to turn the TV off High Def when a certain actress walked up.  Lord, I liked the old days when they put vaseline on the screen.

Anyway, here is how the moon in Aries went down.  The times are EST and consider how the clusterf$%k played out in your own life.

Moon enters Aries Sunday 10:40am
Moon square Mars Sunday 3:04pm
Moon square Jupiter Monday 4:14am
Moon conjunct Uranus Monday 4:50am
Moon square Pluto Monday 8:46am
Moon oppose Mars Tuesday 9:44am

Crescent Moon kicks off Tuesday March 4 at 12:31pm EST  Per my new moon report:

Focus on:   What information are you receiving that is speaking to you ‘going alone?”  What information is your faith learning about your inner warrior?  What information are you learning about being a warrior?   What are you learning about what you do when someone is up your grill? 

Special Focus:
3 / 5: Venus in Aquarius
3 / 6: Jupiter turns direct 5:42am  Say hello to your family again.  See following post. 

First Quarter Moon
March 8

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that support your communication?  What actions are you taking speak to you being a good neighbor?  What actions are you taking that make you speak about your faith?  If you feel a crisis in faith whom to you reach out to talk about it?  Or do you not do it? Why or why not?

and to get you in the mood....

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