Saturday, December 17, 2011

500 Turtles

So, Sag that I am, which means I'm open to a bit of novelty, I gave myself a birthday gift that satisfied me on many levels. I booked a reading with an animal psychic. Naturally, I booked it for after Mercury turned direct so I delayed it until this week. Why did I do it? I guess I felt the need to find out what is going on with our cat Stella.

Of course, this is totally humorous because seriously, what are her problems? The food does not come out fast enough? The bed is sometimes not soft enough? But still I was curious about several things, like why does she go to the door and emit painful cries when I go to the trashcans or to the market or just walk out to the gym? My husband and son say she does it the entire I am gone. What goes on with her?

I had a few friends who had reading with Ben at 500 turltes and enjoyed the session very much so I called him. I was relieved that I didn't have to put Stella in a box and drive her anywhere and frankly there would be no question in mind worth that noise I would hear in a car with Stella in a box. Lord no. So, there I was sitting on my bed with Stella resting near me while I talked on the phone to Ben who was talking to Stella.

And the first thing she said to Ben was, "I'm worried, where does Tracy go?" Ah, she was as concerned as I was about this same topic. She too wanted to get to the thing that I was pondering. We determined that this was something left over from kittenhood. Someone, probably a woman, was in her life and then out of her life. And now she is in fear that when I go I will not come back. Ben and I "worked" with her and hopefully settled her fears that she will be more calm now when I go to swim.

There were many other things we discussed and one thing she told me that Stella likes to hang out in my son's room. She likes the energy and she likes to see the visitors who come to check in with my son while he asleep. I did think that was interesting since she does go in there at night and will get on his bed or the floor right next to his bed. I learned one of the visitors is my grandmother who had a few words for me. Once we broke out of Stella's views and opinions we had a few other people step in to tell me a few things. All interesting. I don't give myself the gift of psychics very often and maybe you guys don't do it either but every now and then it is fun and I would highly recommend Ben at 500 Turtles. You might be surprised by what you hear what your furry companion has to say and some of those people on the other side not too far away.

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