Saturday, December 3, 2011

Full Moon Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Gemini Full MoonThe Gemini Full Moon on December 10 at 9:36am EST is also a Full Lunar Eclipse. Much of this eclipse will be seen in North America and for more on the path of the eclipse go to ShadowandSubstance

The significant aspect for the full moon chart is a big ol’ square with Mars in Virgo. Although it is a separating square (meaning it was exact before the full moon—Sun on 2nd, Moon on 9th) I see this aspect as still very much in play.

We got a taste of this tension on New Moon which has set off some friction since November 24. But a bit prior to Full Moon and during it we will feel Mars in Virgo as he fights for details and minutia.

We will see so many people get lost in many small things and lose the big picture. What makes that funny is that there is a very famous military expression, “Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war” which every great warrior knows. However, Mars THE warrior planet when he is in Virgo is almost incapable of seeing anything but battles. He can totally forget he is in a war. This is where the tension with Sag Sun and Gemini Moon should be measured carefully.

If misbehaving, the Sag sun will put emphasis on hot head tempers and shooting off one’s mouth in righteous indignation. Over what? Who the hell knows with Sag. Sigh. And the Gemini moon if misbehaving will get lost in shallow thinking, gossip or mindf**ing self and others. Lord.

However, if possible and I do not suggest it is easy work, but if possible try to keep your focus on details that will serve you best in the long run. Is there a big goal (Sag) out there that you have wanted to address? Take the tension totally being stirred up by Mars in Virgo and see what tasks (Virgo) you can do now that will serve that goal. At the same time, ferret out information and ask questions (Gemini) that will serve that goal.

When the bullets are flying around you and people are doing one thing after another that pisses you off remember to ask yourself, “Is this person and their actions doing anything to harm my big goals?” If the answer is “Yes” then you may need to act appropriately. If the answer is “NO” then guess what? Use the beauty of Gemini and get ‘light and breezy’. Simply said, and this is your astro mother over here speaking to you, “You don’t care.” Don’t waste the calorie burn on being that pissed off.

It is possible your ability to raise above (Sag) the fray (Mars in Virgo) and recalibrate your thinking (Gemini) could be a huge gift this Full Moon and perhaps a newfound skill which will serve you in many ways and for many years.

Also, it should be noted that a few hours before Full Moon, Uranus will turns direct between zero and one degree of Aries. We have been talking a lot about this planet of revolution and all the changes he will be bringing us especially in the next six months as he ramps up.

For those of you who know your chart take note which house has 1-5 degrees of Aries and prepare for big ass changes between now and the 2013.

And of course, we should remember that the Full Moon like his companion New Moon back in November is taking place with a Mercury retrograde. Yes, there is still cloudy, fuzzy stuff around us but for many people this is also a time when we are finally dealing with stuff on our very old TO-DO list and we are also finding missing pieces to solutions we have needed. Sometimes it is good to look back and rethink stuff.
But above all, let’s all remember to KEEP CALM AND CARY ON.

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