Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mikey on Huffington Post

Well, look what the cat dragged in over at Huffington Post---Mickey Lutin!

I can't believe I have missed it but ML has been posting over there for awhile. This is what happens when I'm going so fast, I miss fun events! Anyway, here's a snippet but go to the LINK for the full write up.


The current Republican debates should be on Nick at Nite. It's a clown show, so don't believe a word.

Obama: Part of him wants out, but he's also pissed enough to keep fighting. The real power behind the thrones will be revealed as it becomes clear that much of what has been passing for democracy is actually the result of worldwide banker manipulation.


Gender roles? Women will be gaining more power and position than we can even imagine. In every corner of the world, the revolution against the patriarchy has only begun to take hold, but you'd better believe that the good ole' boys who have been conducting the orchestra and leading the music are not going to just hand over their batons without a fight.


As huge as this planetary alignment is, we have to remember that even in the greatest crisis periods, there have always been love and romance. In the heat of battle, bombs bursting, casualties falling on the field, there is still the sweet warmth and intimacy of one human being in another's arms.

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