Saturday, December 24, 2011

Capricorn New Moon 2011

Wow. That was close. Capricorn New Moon is up!

As always you will find the whole article on Margaret Wendt's website HERE.

The next 28 days will be a window to the summer. We have got a Pluto conjunct Sun/Moon and they both square Uranus. Pluto and Uranus will be in exact square this summer. We should consider these 28 days as an Open House to the summer. Anything that comes up that highlights changes you need to make in your life... well, do it. Or least put those changes on your to-do list!

Go to the link for the whole article but here is a snippet:

Remember, Capricorn is the mountain goat who spends his time high on the peaks. During the Capricorn phase we need to stretch and put ourselves up high and make sure we are where we belong. We are the ultimate authority (Capricorn word) of our life and from a high authoritative perch we can see our assets and our deficits and then decided what move to make to improve our situation. Remember everyone has Capricorn somewhere in their chart. Where is your Cap? This is the house where you will stretch and make yourself an authority or a leader. We are natural managers where we have Cap. It is the part of our chart where we are the Boss. Of course, the question is, “Are we Warren Buffett or are we Ebenezer Scrooge?”

This Capricorn New Moon the Sun/Moon is in conjunction to Pluto and squares Uranus. Ouch. That is a tight spot. Pluto has been ruthless to big business, big government and world economies since it moved into Capricorn in 2008 and we will be dealing with issues that are broken within government and big businesses for another dozen or so years

But what about us? Where do we personally fit in this big global financial mess and the upcoming changes? That, my friends is the beauty of Capricorn New Moons. Between now and 2023 there will be some Cap new moons that will be right in the sweet spot where they have a Pluto conjunction. I say sweet spot because those New Moon and lunar cycles will gives us a 28 day chiropractic adjustment to get with the program and make some changes or at least become an authority in our life on a new profound level that can prepare us for changes. This year is one of those Cap New Moons.

We will see flaws. We will see cracks and fissures in some area of our life (most likely the house that has Capricorn). We will feel insecure, we will feel ‘less than’. But and this is a big but, from that place of insecurity we will get focused and do something. Something that helps move us from the position we are currently holding to a more elevated position. Where do we have vision? Where do we have executive abilities? Where do we need to be an authority? And why are we hiding our skills? Or how come we have been so busy we have not focused on them? And if we have been playing small and hiding are skills----well, good luck trying to stay small this month! It won’t feel right

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  1. This is Sunny... Looks like the only thing I have in cap is Lillith. Is that ominous or something? lol Cap is 4th or 5th house - I can't tell how to read it.

    Great article, as always... :-)