Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uranus turns direct

Back on the New Moon (around Thanksgiving) I said in my Sag article:

So, what does this New Moon in Sag mean? The Moon/Sun are making a beautiful trine with Uranus in Aries. Aries full of fire and energized by new horizons has a fine companion with Sag who says, “Yeah, let me put my goals on those new horizons right now!” Uranus is the planet of changes. During the 2010 Sag Lunar cycle Uranus was also pronounced and it was then that the revolutions in North Africa were activated. A revolution most certainly televised, twittered, face booked and benefited by all social medias—all things ruled by Uranus. What will be the revolutions this cycle? The mother will be talking to some.

In addition to the Sun/Moon trine with Uranus, Uranus turns direct on December 9 /10th. For the last five months we have been feeling the itch. The itch to change, break free, move, do something new and just differently. But because it has been retrograde, we have been unclear about how to do the changes, now with it turning direct we will begin to get an idea of the changes and how to do them. The mother gives some of us a road map.

In July, Uranus in Aries got very close to a square with Pluto in Capricorn. The gridlock in Washington spoke to the frustrations as one planet was demanding quick change and another planet was demanding something slow. Revolution versus evolution. Aries takes no hostages and is a warrior on all tasks; Capricorn is cautious and holds on to status quo. They almost squared each other but then they drifted and Uranus went back to the wood shed and whittled. Now on this Sag lunar cycle, Uranus turns direct and begin its journey to a big showdown with Pluto (June and September 2012). Of course, Pluto has been doing his own work in Capricorn and we will feel the tension grow in the coming months. Hypocrites will certainly be exposed more and more. The ramp up begins after December 10th. Personally, consider your life last July, you may be revisiting those underlying issues again in the spring and summer of 2012.

Of course we need to take a moment and think about this--What are the odds of Uranus turning direct in a lunar phase where he is making a trine with the Sun and the Moon? Small. Keeping our focus on new goals, stretching and learning are important to Uranus’ new direction. The mother is asking us to find what is authentic and to move on it. Will we follow the impulses that we feel? Can we be that authentic?

And so here we are, a few hours from Uranus turning direct which it will do at 2:05am EST December 10 / 11:05pm December 9th PST. We know that it is no big deal when Uranus turns retrograde or direct because it does both once a year. But when we put this move in a bigger context, meaning the march to the square with Pluto, well, it is a big ass deal.

As of right now, Europe is trying to save the Euro by ...what? Making small moves or big moves? It appears they don't know. How Uranus.
As French President Nicholas Sarkozy said, "The world is watching us." No, shit, Sherlock. And what are you going to do or not to do to us? I think it is wildly weird that is happening right now before Uranus move and full moon. I'm putting on a seat belt.

And not that anyone cares about these sort of things, but is it at all possible for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put on a tiny bit of makeup ? I mean I get that she grew up in East Germany, but please, before you send the whole world into the crapper put on some lip gloss.

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