Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Week Ahead

We continue to be in the Waxing Period of the Sag Lunar Cycle. How are your goals looking? Has something actually come up since New Moon that is now on your Goal List that wasn't even on your radar last month? Where are you impassioned? How is your authentic self expressing itself?

12/4: Sun/Mercury: Accent on communication. Some good, some not good. How does it connect with your goals from New Moon?

12/5: Venus/Mars: Good energy to follow passions and values. Energy flows easily.
12/6: Gibbuos Moon

Focus on: How is your fiery nature being harnessed? How have you neglected the part of you that wants to be first? Are you neglecting the benefit of doing things by yourself? How would you benefit by just getting out and ‘doing it’ ?

12/10: Uranus turns direct 2:05am 00Aries 39 (see above)

12/10: Full Moon. Post to come.

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  1. Love your website. Please keep up the good work. Kathryn