Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Astrologers' astrologer

This morning I was listening to jazz pieces by Vince Guaraldi who was a San Francisco composer and musician that you probably know from all the Peanuts cartoons. Anyway, with that backdrop I went dreamily and merrily along the road of the world wide web and who did I bump into? Dane Ruhdyar! Which of course is amazing since Dane has been dead since 1985. Isn't the WWW wonderful?

I jest but the truth is Dane Rudhyar is a famous astrologer who most of us astrologers (of a certain age and older) have his books on our shelves. Born in France he spent most of his life in the United states working as a musical composer, artist and then later philosopher and astrologer. He lived all over the US but certainly San Francisco was one of his 'home' towns. I wonder if he knew Vince Guaraldi?

Anyway, I was thinking about the Pluto/Uranus action coming up in 2012 and I was reading about the conjunction in 1965, the last time these two hooked up and I bumped into an article Dane Rudhyar wrote in spring of 1964 about the 'upcoming' conjunction for the fall of 1965.

I encourage you all to read the whole thing which is very interesting since he ties it back to 1851, the last conjunction.

here's a snippet:
The history of this century is unfolding under two great symbols: the symbol of the "Globe" and that of "Heat" — heat being the expression of intense molecular disorder and in its extreme aspect leading to the "ionization" of matter, which then exists in its "plasma" state — the newly revealed fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, and gaseous being the familiar states). Neptunian awareness leads to the realization of the "globe." Uranus was the light that made obsolete the old traditions of local cultures.

Today, as Uranus approaches Pluto, science has discovered a new form of light — the laser — light so concentrated and one-pointed that a tiny beam of it can pierce any metal and reach in a focused condition to the moon! An amazing symbol, indeed, and one which may perhaps explain new possibilities of events and communication within and beyond the earth field. Pluto acts upon Uranus, and light becomes radically transformed and concentrated. "Spiritual" light, too, could well become condensed and incarnated. Could this be the second coming of Christ or the new Avatar that so many people expect? Could not these condensed "lights" — physical and spiritual — act upon Jupiter and Saturn and upon the infinitely complex social processes these planets represent?

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