Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News of the last couple days

As always when I happen to have time to see a little news I often am taken by the fact that the headlines line up with the current lunar cycle. Such is the case with news from the last few days.

At the end of last week American Airlines filed bankruptcy. Yep, can't get more Saggy than an Airline going bankrupt.

On Saturday, Herman Cain, who is a Sag finally suspended his Presidential Campaign. "Suspended" is a new way of saying, 'I'm not a quitter when I have to book motivational speaking engagements in 2012.'

On Sunday the Russian people voted and by Monday and Tuesday large numbers of protesters were hitting the streets with accusations of voter fraud. Thousands were arrested but they remain undeterred despite Putin pushing back. Taking on Putin like this? I indicated on my new moon article, that there would be people feeling compelled to take on more and clearly Uranus turning direct on Saturday is in the mix.

Of course Sag rules things that are foreign and is, when it is behaving, a natural bridge builder. It can bring disparate energies together like a master. However on the chart for the new moon there was a harsh aspect with Mars and that is pretty much an energy that can blow it. Well, we kind of stepped in a pile of you-know-what when this weekend a super groovy very smart, mega expensive US drone crashed into Iran. Rut-ro. Sure we spy on Iran, we know it, they know it, everyone in the world knows it. But to lose the CIA drone is not a good thing. Especially since Iran will sell the thing on ebay for the highest bidder. And of course the Chinese will buy it, dismantle it, rebuild it and mass produce it by February. Chalk this one up to Mercury retrograde in Sag.

And religious zealots (another saggy thing) did what they love to do yesterday. On a holy day for Shiite Muslims, suicide bombers attacked a shiite shrine in Kabul Afghanistan killing dozens. It looks like the horrific attacks were rooted in Pakistan Sunni group. I'm sorry I clicked on the photo where I saw a small dead boy lying on the ground. Sigh.

Well, this Sag needs to leave this post with something up lifting. I love this dog.


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