Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When I look for the lightning

The other day I was blathering on to a friend about the things I had done in the last month and he said as flatly as possible, "What I would give to be in your head for just an hour." I know what he is talking about, I just can travel down weird roads so easily. I know how it happens, my Sag Sun and Venus in Aquarius just talk to me in ways that can't be explained. And then throw in the Aries rising and well, I'm off the races.

Anyway, in Los Angeles there is an exhibit called Pacific Standard Time. Which is a huge collection of California Artists' work from 1945-1980. It is happening in dozens of museums and galleries all over Los Angeles basin. I hit a few of them Thanksgiving weekend. Lot of cool stuff, some lame stuff and just a whole bunch of odd stuff. One I really liked I wanted to share with you.

I could only share it now, since the Moon is in Aquarius. Only now would it make sense. By the time the Moon is in Taurus everyone will be thinking, 'what the eff' is this thing?" But now, it is sublime. I present, Lightening by Paul and Marlene Kos. 1976. It is one and half minutes long.

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