Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week Ahead

Disseminating Moon Phase
November 14, 4:06pm EST

Focus on: How are you sharing your emotions to teach others? How does family guide your knowledge? Who feels like family to you and how do they act as philosopher to you? How are you a philosopher in your family or family of choice? Do you need help from someone who has distance from your family?

Special Focus:
11/16:Mars/Jupiter: Big movements, big actions, not a subtle day. Forging bridges to others who are “different” than us.

Last Quarter Moon Phase
November 18, 10:09am

Focus on: What actions can you take that are based on self esteem? How are you able to distinguish between actions based on ego and actions based on Self Esteem? What seeds did you plant on new moon that need your energy from your heart?

Special Focus
11/20: Sun/Neptune: Resources versus Groups. Me versus them energy personally and globally


  1. i like this FOCUS! you make understanding and applying new moon purposes very practical through this reflection. Sometimes I have trouble applying such things.... xo

  2. Thought you'd be interested, as per the disseminating moon phase, and your other really good writing about DSK (and fyi, the report in France about why these two have been together has to do with their frequenting swingers clubs in Paris together. They swing!) Happy Merc into ret.