Thursday, November 17, 2011

Uranus in December

I will probably be getting the Sag New Moon up sometime in the next few days and I certainly will discuss Uranus turning direct in that report. It has been on my mind of late, one because it is turning direct on my birthday and two, it is just a big effin' deal.

Once Uranus turns direct it is going for the big bitch out with Pluto. We know we are going to get 7 of these bitch sessions between now and 2016, with the first one in June. However, the window for action is really anytime between now and then.

In the meantime, Michael Lutin has put up his own take which of course is smart and clever and always funny. Here's a snippet. Go to the blog for the whole thing.


Uranus Goes Forward In Early December: The Conflict Escalates!

Hang on to your hats, wigs and eyelashes, you’re going to be having some truly hot flashes. This place is about to blow!

You want to talk turbulence? Somewhere around the ninth of December, the planet Uranus moves forward at the very beginning degree of the sign of Aries. This all started back in spring of 2010, but now comes the big moment. It can be fun, provided you’re not standing too close to the fan.

In astrology Uranus in Aries symbolizes the desperate (and often angry and violent) struggle of the Individual to assert his or her own personal rights, and to demand an accounting on the part of a System under which that person lives. It is the bursting bomb of energy that is released when people believe they are being ignored, mistreated, battered and otherwise stepped on.

This is not just Aries. On some level everybody feels it. People become filled with a zeal to overthrow what they consider to be a corrupt regime They are fed up , so Buddy, watch out. They will spit right in the boss’s eye, walk out on jobs and responsibilities and marriages or any other commitment they see as threatening their honor, integrity or sense of personal liberty.

That would all be lovely and fine. We would all just have to duck when we throw dishes at each other until we all calm down and the storm is over. This time, however, it won’t be.
This planetary event is heralding the escalation of worldwide unrest, mainly due to the formation of a seriously tense configuration with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.

The result in early December: More open confrontations: The more intense the protests, the harsher the crackdowns, even to a point where not even the police but the military must be brought in to restore order..
Why should this be?


  1. Yes, Uranus is turning direct on December 10th which also happens to be my birthday. Looks like you and I share a b'day... uber cool!
    You are so on target! I am noticing my need to question the status quo at work and am finding that I am on edge quiet often. I seem to side and relate to the "underdog" so much more these days... Thanks for a great post. I just stumbled along it this evening.

  2. Oh, I am with you, sista/brotha, I feel Uranus up my ass. Wait is that Uranus squared?

    I'm naturally a pusher for the greater good. But even now I may have my foot on the gas so much that the wheels are darn close to coming off the car.

    I gotta say I also feel a disconnect coming. Uranus is starting to talk to me about "what's next?"..... happy birthday btw.

  3. Tracy, Happy Birthday to you also.
    Yes, this Uranus in Aries is definitely pretty fiery! I too feel that something is ending and what comes next?? It is a question that I have been trying to answer for some time now.
    I am a fortysomething female children's librarian... ready to transition to a different career. Have been taking graduate courses in education since Jan of this year.
    If you have an epiphany about the future, please do share with me :)
    Thank you