Sunday, November 6, 2011

Of AnitaHill, Virginia Thomas, Clarence & Herman

This whole sexual harrassment business with Herman Cain has brought out his defenders. Even Cain has indicated it reminds him of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings from 20 years ago. What I think is curious is that a year ago, we revisited those volatile days when Judge Thomas went through the rigors of supreme court nomination process. On October 9, 2010, Virginia Thomas called Anita Hill's office at Brandeis University and asked her for an apology.

And now here we are 13 months later and we are revisiting the topic again.

I indicated in the Scorpio New Moon article that the asteroid Juno was conjuncting the Sun/Moon and influencing this cycle. Juno is the lead female asteroid in astrology, the wife of Jove she took a lot of stuff but she is also very protective and has a legendary temper.

During the original hearings in '91 Juno was conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. And if you watched those hearings it was all Capricorn. There was also a shocking element that these conversations were even going on for a Supreme Court Justice. Uranus in Capricorn was breaking down perceptions of government. And of course the smoke and mirrors planet Neptune was in the mix, which we learned 10 years later when David Brock in his book, Blinded by the Right spoke of how he deliberately lied to discredit Anita Hill 1990's.

Last year when Virginia Thomas wanted her apology, Juno was in Leo. Her, "Isn't it time" tone spoke of Leo pride.

And now, with Juno in Scorpio we see Mr. Cain trying to dismiss this whole thing like a cop moving people away from a car wreck. "Nothing to see here. Keep it moving." Perhaps that will work. I will be curious to see if Cain's wife who is normally relunctant to participate in his political goings on will show up now.

All very curious.

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