Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sag New Moon ---Mother Knows Best

New Moon in Sagittarius
November 25 1:09am EST

Black Friday (something I actually never participate in) will also be Sag New Moon. There is a beautiful aspect with Uranus which will energize us in many ways. In particular, as we ponder our future. Great 28 days of pondering is fantastic. But at the same time we also have some tough aspects. Perhaps we need a few bumps to put us on track about real areas that deserve pondering. Read that twice.

Anyway, you will find the whole article on Margaret Wendt's website. But here is a little snippet.

Did you know the universe has a center? It is called the Galactic Center and it is a swirling black hole surrounded by bright stars. Astronomers know this is where our universe was born. It is the belly button of the Milky Way and it is located in Sagittarius. And like a mother and child can attest, just because the umbilical cord is cut does not mean that the connection is finished. Astrophysicists know that faint pulses are coming out from the Galactic Center continuously-- the mother is still talking to us.

Sagittarius rules truth, beliefs and is the part of our chart where we raise our arrows up high, zero in on a target, and shoot. Sag is where we want to be our most authentic. It is optimistic and can see every goal as attainable. It is always raising its bar. It is no surprise that the mother would be talking to us from this encouraging sign.

Sag rules travel and freedom, it does not like to be tied down, it needs to get out and sew a few oats. No surprise that a sign that rules truth, travel and beliefs would also rule universities and publishing. Getting the word out, expanding our minds----wherever we have Sag in our chart is where we are stretching. The mother tells us, “You can do it.”

When misbehaving, Sag is too opinionated, bombastic, puts so much emphasis on truth that people get hurt. It can be an adventurer who disconnects from roots so greatly that those back at home are lonely and often feel judged. And Sag’s beliefs can blur into righteous zealotry. By the way, blind optimism without hard work is nothing to be optimistic about. Asking wanderlust Sag to do follow up can be challenging. Think of senior students at universities, all full of themselves, lots of opinions and enthusiasm but will they follow through with those goals? Will they get the job done? Maybe, maybe not. The mother furrows her brow.

So, what does this New Moon in Sag mean? The Moon/Sun are making a beautiful trine with Uranus in Aries. Aries full of fire and energized by new horizons has a fine companion with Sag who says, “Yeah, let me put my goals on those new horizons right now!” Uranus is the planet of changes. During the

go to link for whole article.

And by the way... Happy Thanksgiving!

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