Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taurus Full Moon: November 10

November 10, 3:16pm est

The Full Moon in Taurus puts us all on notice, to get our ‘practical on’. We will be looking for the practical application to any situation. Certainly problems need to be handled from a real nuts and bolts position. But perhaps there are things in our life that we have not characterized as an issue but on this full moon it just does not feel right. It is not necessarily wrong but we will look at it with big, old, ‘grounded’ sensibility. “Hmm, is this worth my time?,” “Is this worth my money?” or “What does this actually cost me?” What are we getting out of situations? Or if we have got a little something going on that is starting to grow, how can we focus on it and help it further? This is one of THE full moons to get your money together. Where do you spend money? Where do you not spend money? And more to the point, “Why or why not?” Is this the best choice? Or who do you spend your time with? Do you share the same values? If that is working for you –great. If not, what changes can you make? Also where do you need stick-to-it-ness? Taurus will ground you.

Of course, the Sun in Scorpio continues to push us to jettison stuff that is no longer working and we should expect that the full moon will illuminate more things that need to be dumped. There is a snarky aspect between the Sun and Pluto which will bring out egos but the knife is sharp in Scorpio and Pluto is cold so we will be making cuts. Both personally and globally. Expect some hubris in the news and cold business practices to get everyone’s attention.
Interestingly there is a mystical cloud around the full moon because a few hours before the full moon, Neptune turns direct. Neptune spends half the year in retrograde and when it turns direct a tiny piece of the veil lifts. In this case, at late degree Aquarius we are once again figuring out who is our group. What tribe do we belong? Are we truly valuing the people that surround us? What is our future together? Does it have legs? Are we looking for something more that speaks to our long term goals and future even if we don’t know them exactly? Remember Neptune knows things without knowing why it knows things. You may do things that you don’t know why you do them, but if it feels practical and right and you should trust those feelings. It could serve you much later.
Be gentle with yourself.


  1. Excellent article, Tracy. I love the way you phrase the questions that need to be asked in this Full Moon period. Concise communication is ultra important as we head into these uncertain times.

  2. Don't forget the asteroid YU55 that swoops by tomorrow - Tuesday. Hmmmm Why You? Where did they get that name? 55 is a cosmic number, adds up to 10. I'm wondering what's on the menu.