Saturday, November 26, 2011

Walk of Quiet Shame

Last weekend I had limited time to get all my work done including the new moon article so I was a bit in a cave and didn't see much news. Apparently, I missed a compelling story and thanks to my fellow Sag friend Zannalyn for pointing it out to me.

On Saturday 11/19, hundreds of UC Davis students sat in silence in two rows from one of the campus buildings all the way to the car of Chancellor Katehi. The chancellor with the campus chaplain accompanying her had to walk to her car facing silent students. This quiet walk of shame was in response to the pepper spray incident a few day earlier by campus police who had been authorized to remove tents of student protestors.

The day this occured we were in the last quarter of Scorpio Lunar Phase. The moon was in Virgo in trine to Jupiter. The quiet, focus and determined actions speaks to these aspects.

Of course it is evocative of the 1960s on many levels which inspires me to go find an old post. See next one.

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