Thursday, November 10, 2011

Of Money, Sex, Power, Corruption

The news of the last three days is almost too much to report. But man, it is all what we discussed back on the Scorpio New Moon. Money, Sex, power, abuse, releasing, sure, we all get Scorpio but wow, I dunno, even I am gobsmacked.

The story out of Penn State this week is pretty gross. An assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky has been arrested for allegedly sexual molesting young boys for at least ten years. The assistant coach was a powerhouse at his job which supported the head coach Joe Paterno into a very successful football team. When it was determined that the coach had heard of an incident with a minor and did not tell police instead went to the school leaders to deal with the situation, Peterno's moral compass was put on in the cross hairs. Last night, his 61 year career ended with a phone call. Resulting in a mini riot of angry college students.

Yesterday, Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who has plenty of his own sexual scandals has announced he will resign. People have called for him to resign before but because he is not only the Prime Minister but also THE media mogul for Italy, his opponents have not had much of a playing field to get their message out given he controls the messages. But the message of a cratering Italy economy could not be staved and the fact that the country is about one minute from going bankrupt has pushed him out.

Yesterday, our own stock market tumbled 500 points.

In the meantime, on Sunday the Greek Prime Minister Popandreau announced he would step down and yesterday the ruling parties named an economist to oversee their government until someone new can be elected.

Then there was director Brett Ratner who clearly has a "take no hostages" approach when talking with the public could not control himself and used a gay slur in describing people who rehearse. Besides the obvious that many gifted actors feel rehearsal benefit their craft,(perhaps Ratner should have a little sit down with Mr. DeNiro) Ratner got push back from the Academy Awards and bingo he resigned as Producer for 2012's Oscars. I didn't even know he was slated to produce them which says more about me than him (and I live not too far from the academy). I do think is is interesting that Gil Cates who produced the Oscars for years and years died suddenly two weeks ago (he was not producing this year) and two days ago legendary Oscar writer, Hal Kanter died.

We know that Scorpio is about sex, power, money and their corruption. So, we can't be shocked. But still it is a lot to follow in 72 hours.

Alsp all of this is going on as we bear down on today's full moon and can any of us really be surprised? Over the weekend before any of this happened I wrote:

Of course, the Sun in Scorpio continues to push us to jettison stuff that is no longer working and we should expect that the full moon will illuminate more things that need to be dumped. There is a snarky aspect between the Sun and Pluto which will bring out egos but the knife is sharp in Scorpio and Pluto is cold so we will be making cuts. Both personally and globally. Expect some hubris in the news and cold business practices to get everyone’s attention.

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  1. for real; you couldn't have made up a more Scorpio scandal than this Penn State nastiness. I read an interview with the journalist who originally broke the story, and he said he suspects even worse allegations may come out. He thinks they may have made money from wealthy donors by arranging and allowing those crimes.