Saturday, November 19, 2011

What going on this week?

The final week of the Scorpio lunar phase has some very lovely aspects and a couple of snarky moments.

On Sunday the Sun Squares Neptune, it does this twice a year but given we are all kind of exhausted from the work of this Scorpio phase, the aspect may bring out sadness, fatigued and fuzzy thinking. It also puts emphasis on resources versus groups. "Me versus them", energy personally and globally.

I don't usually talk about the moon aspects, but the Moon square Pluto in the morning of 11/21 may put tension through out the day and perhaps another wave of just kind of gross news. If you feel the tension, keep your rudder in your boat, stay focused on what is important and you will ride through it just fine.

11/22: Sun in Sagittarius: Call them up, wish them happy birthday and email them a gift card to Amazon. That’s all they need this year.

11/22: Venus/Saturn: building upon good. New structures, businesses or practical applications that support our values.

11/23: Sun/Uranus: Creative, dynamic, accent on new paths, new endeavors, new ways to get out there in the world. Philosophy and risks work hand in hand.

11/23: Mars/Pluto: Real work accomplishes real goals. Specific actions can go far in overhauling the executive areas, both personally & globally.

11/24 Mercury retrogrades 20Sag07 2:19am (see next post)

11/24: Yes, Mercury turns retro super early in the morning, then Thanksgiving will start off weird but by the evening it will be a good enough day with Moon in Jovial Sag, "Mom, Aunt Julie is really hitting the cabernet." And it ends with a nice ol' aspect with Venus and Neptune. All is forgiven. "I'll drive Julie home."

New Moon is on Friday which we will be posted later.

Heads up with Venus square Uranus on Saturday. More to come later.

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