Tuesday, November 1, 2011

14 Degrees of Sag and the Great Attractor

Over at David Crook's site, Stellar Insights Astrology, David has a nice write up about the North Node starting to line up with 14 Sag. it is all tantalizing for this Sag. Although, my Sun at 18 Sag may be too far out of the range.

Here's a little tidbit but please go to the link to read his whole piece.

As the Moon's North or Ascending Node pertains to manifest destiny both personally and collectively, while the Great Attractor is a higher source of energy and information- we would think this contact is meaningful to the spirit of our times (Zeitgeist).

My understanding is that the Great Attractor is located around 14 Sagittarius, and the transiting Node does not reach that degree until late Dec. 2011. So this powerful alignment may actually be in effect through the end of the year.

The Sabian symbol for 14 Sagittarius, "A vast panorama of sand and time is unfolding; the pyramids and sphinx in their glory rise before the eye." (Lynda Hill)

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