Friday, November 4, 2011

Your Astro DNA

I found this article on Elizabeth Spring's site that I thought would be excellent food for thought during this Scorpio Lunar Cycle. How does your family's chart all tie together? Have you thought about it? My own family has a proponderence of Aries and Cancer. My son has a north node in the same house as my own. My husband's mother has a strongly placed pluto as does my son. My mother, grandmother and I all have a similiar Uranus placement. What is this karma or dharma that we are all working through for over one hundred years?

Even if we believe that our soul “picks” our family and our karmic inheritance so that we can inherit both the gifts and the challenges needed for our highest soul growth, it’s still hard to understand. Essentially the soul’s choice of when and where to incarnate is a mystery. Yet astrologers believe that the synchronistic moment of birth is the key element in the life story, because it gives us a genetic, or karmic blueprint of the soul; a map of the psyche. By looking at our family members charts, we can decipher emotional patterns that have been playing out for generations. All that we’ve learned so far about the Nodes and the planet Pluto, figures strongly in this tale.

Elizabeth's article is a very thoughtful, she ties in interesting astro elements. Give yourself a treat and give it a full read.

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