Monday, January 19, 2009

Bill Herbst on Obama & 2010's

As previously noted the latest issue of Mountain Astrologer has a provocative interview with Bill Herbst. When I read his article I almost fell over, his candor takes no hostages. I said to my husband, "I don't think I have read any article by any astrologer about the current period (2008-2015) written as unguardedly. For many of us astrologers we think the next six to seven years are going to be bumpy given the cardinal climax and other tough aspects, but I have to say Bill Herbst's take is very pointed. Ouch! I am not saying he is wrong by the way just when you see it in writing you want to reach for the oxygen mask.

Anyway, the interview inspired me to go to Herbst's website where he has a few discussion about Barack Obama's chart and given the climax that we are building towards makes Obama the most important man in the THE most important astrological aspects for the century.
Please give it a read. There is a lot there to ponder.

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