Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on Steve Jobs & Apple

Back on January 14, I mentioned HERE that I was curious if we could track a pattern with Steve Jobs and Apple during the current Mercury Retrograde. On January 5, Steve Jobs indicated that there were some complications with his thyroid and it had resulted in a big weight loss. Many speculated that there was more to it.
At that time Mercury was direct but then a week later on January 14 when Mercury had turned retrograde and was nearing the point it was when he sent out the memo on January 5, Jobs then indicated that he would be stepping aside for six months because his health had more complications.
I suggested that I thought we might hear more on Apple and Jobs when Mercury crossed between 4-8 degrees Aquarius again (which seems to be the sore spot for Apple). I said that we should keep our eyes out between January 19-21. Well, today (January 21 )it is reported regulators are checking to see if there was a deliberate misleading of Job's health. For most of us we would think, "Hey, it is personal, why does he need to tell anyone about his health?" Sure, for all of us who are NOT CEOs it is not anyone's business but when you are in charge of the company and health issues are are not revealed, then there is a case for fraud.
Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. regulators are examining Apple Inc.’s disclosures about Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs’s health problems to ensure investors weren’t misled, a person familiar with the matter said.
The Securities and Exchange Commission’s review doesn’t mean investigators have seen evidence of wrongdoing, the person said, declining to be identified because the inquiry isn’t public. Bloomberg News reported last week that Jobs is considering a liver transplant as a result of complications after treatment for cancer, according to people who are monitoring his illness.
The next window of dates to watch for more Apple news at least on this topic will come up again after Mercury goes direct and hits those 4-8 degrees of Aquarius between Feb 19 - 21.

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