Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturn Oppose Uranus: Of Miracles and their Opposites

It has been 24 hours since US Air Ways Flight 1549 landed on the Hudson River and all 155 passengers and crew survived. During the time that has passed we have learned a lot about geese and other birds who fly into engines (Who had any idea it happened that regularly?) about a pilot who turned out to be the right man at the right time (40 years experience) and that once again, Manhattan can rally like the best of them in times of trouble (Did you see those ferries!) If you would like to see the chart for the accident go to Node-o-rama where Molly has posted it.

I put a little comment on Molly's thread that I thought it was curious that BofA who had been in the news all week regarding an additional bail out (they said they needed) is headquartered in Charlotte, where the flight was destined. Since my post on Nodeorama I have learned that there were 22 BofA executives on the flight. Imagine that moment for them! I don't know about you, but if I were them, I would walk into my office on monday and resign since I would consider, "Life's too short."

Anyway, one thing that strikes me about the accident chart is that Pisces is on the MC and right there at the MC is Uranus in Pisces. Uranus is the planet of the Unusual at the highest point in the chart. Of course, Uranus is right now in opposition to Saturn. And in the case of this chart, it is in the 4th house, the house of family and home. I can not put my finger on this exactly and bear with me but I am struck by something in general. This was a miracle. And miracles are the property of Pisces. An unusual miracle would clearly be Uranus in Pisces. I know everyone must think, "Hey aren't all miracles unusual?" I don't think so. I think there are health miracles every day. Someone wakes up from a coma, someone's deadly disease is no longer an issue, someone is cured of something. Don't we all know or have heard those stories, even people in our own life? Or someone walks away from an amazing car crash or some other dramatic situation. But how often do we hear a plane landed safely on a body of water and everyone lived? This is not your garden variety miracle.

And this is why I am writing about it. Because I have a feeling that we will see a lot of miracles between now and the time Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo are done with their oppositions (April 2010). And I do not think it is accident, I think we are being asked to look for miracles. If for no other reason to give us hope and something more. In addition, at the same time we will have miracles we will also have other stories. And maybe there is also something in those stories for us to ponder...

For example, Jett Travolta. I was tempted to put up a photo of Jett Travolta because I think his death was a tragic sad loss. The opposite of a miracle. I don't want to put up his photo because it is so sad to me and I just can't. The mother in me won't do it. It is every mom's worst fear--to lose a child. But at the same time do we learn something from both Jett and Flight #1549?

I don't know about you but both stories make me want to hug my loved ones a little more.

I think we are being asked during this Uranus/Saturn cycle questions like the following: Do we value the time (saturn in Virgo) we spend with those who we love a bit more? Or even if we don't love the people we are with can we be with them in a new way that does not get all over us? Sure someone is a total dick, who cares? Don't care about it. Care about the things that are important. Saturn in Virgo is asking us to look at our daily life and says, "How are you spending your days?" And if we seem to forget, I believe we will have these moments to get our attention.

An affirmation you may want to write during this period is:
"I am happy and grateful that I spend my days in the manner and ways that best serves, my family, my world and me."

See what it does for you.


  1. "This was a miracle. And miracles are the property of Pisces. An unusual miracle would clearly be Uranus in Pisces".

    Yeah! Last night I dreamed that my sister was walking on air. She lives on the 7th floor and showed me how she could walk on air. Her Venus is exactly on her North Node and I was explaining to her yesterday that she should allow Venus to support her more. I believe in miracles, she is more down to earth, but when I told her about the dream, she started opening up to new possibilities.

  2. Oh, how lucky for her to have Venus on the north node! I have a hard aspest between Venus and my North/South Node---it took a long time for me to meet the man who would be my husband. But I do agree there is support from Venus if she will allow it to happen. "allow" is tricky for nodes!

  3. Tracy,

    I agree with your frame for looking at this event: you can't discuss the energy of Flight 1549 without looking at the departure city and the destination city. New York: the absolute origin of the current financial tsunami that's crushing cities around the world, and Charlotte, the former heart of the new "aggressive lending" banks: Wachovia, Bank of America, etc. Flight 1549 is sending the financial world a message: miracles can save lives...but they can't save broken balance sheets.