Friday, January 30, 2009

Hurray! Mercury will turn direct

Mercury Direct

As always I am feeling the final hours of Mercury retrograde. How do I know we are in the final hours? Because every cell in my body is demanding for this thing be over!!! And when my molecular structure is feeling it, then that means we are in the final hours. And yes, we are. On Sunday early morning/Saturday late night, Mercury will finally stop and head direct again. Thank god.

Just to go over the details of this Mercury Retrograde—here are the important dates:

26 December 2008 - 6:42:49 EST - Mercury shadow began (21 cp 44'47")11 January - 11:43:38 EST - Mercury stations retrograde (7 aq 45'23")1 February - 02:10:21 EST - Mercury stations direct (21 cp 44'47")21 February - 02:48:58 EST - Mercury shadow ends (7 aq 45'24")

And if you are confused on what shadows and retrogrades mean please go here for more information.

As I indicated I find the Mercury retrogrades in air signs to be less emotional and less volatile than other retrogrades. But it does not mean it is not without its problems. I feel like miscommunication has been near and around me and I have had to make sure all my I’s were doted and T’s were crossed. I also found that my brain just was moving super slowly. Mind you, I had a virus and was punked-- physically speaking but even if I was not flat out in bed for several days I promise you I still felt my brain slow down prior to getting ill.

At the same time all of that has been going on I have found some pressure on my social circles. I feel like I had to step up a bit and make plans with friends as I had gotten sloppy prior to the retrograde and had not made strong enough effort to see people. Truly people I care about and feel a connection with had not seen me in awhile. They needed to see me show that I am still a friend. This is typical Mercury in Aquarius and the fact that it was retrograde was perfect for me to make good.

I mentioned on my New Moon report that I think it is vital for people to pay attention to the synchronicities. You know, you think of someone and then they call. Or you mention some odd ball thing to a friend and they say, “That’s funny you bring that up I was just thinking about that same subject.” I think it is critical to be aware of those moments that would be lumped as coincidental. They are not coincidences in my book.

And with Aquarius energy we have a world of genius and the best way to feel genius is to send your antenna high up in the ethers and see what kind of beeping your homing device locks onto.

Now technically Mercury has moved out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn but we still will have mercury turn direct and head back into genius Aquarius. And if you want the full benefit of the Aquarius Mercury you will need to access the Capricorn. Get practical about stuff. Find the concrete solution to any problem. Then once you get that going you can then fall into genius.

Curiously, I had been quiet for a day and didn’t do much but set up a couple of appointments with friends. Then while I was showering I had this thought out of nowhere come up. The thought basically said, “Hey, call Mr._____ and see if he will donate money to school.” A side note, if you live in the United States you know that our public schools are about to get thrashed by the economy. In my son’s school we learned that we will no longer have money for field trips and I need to put my body in overdrive to help the cause and I like to write to the community for help.

So, there I was in the shower not thinking about anything, basically clearing my brain when this thought popped into my head to call this Big Deal Money guy. So, I called his office and left word with his community outreach guy. Well, the guy called me back and I told him about our situation and he said, “Well, Coincidentally, Mr. ____ said to me last week that he wants to make a donation to a local cause and he even said, a school would be nice.” He continued, “Your timing could be auspicious.”

And I thought, “You bet.” I am waiting until Mercury goes direct to generate the letter but I do think that retrograde Mercury in Capricorn was helpful and will even be more helpful when it turns direct and moves into Aquarius ruler of humanitarian issues.

Carry on.


  1. Tracy,

    I'm just lovin your blog and learning so much- just wanted to let you know I was lurking about.

  2. so nice to see you, evlowi!
    I think I saw you on my map!