Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cancer Full Moon


January 10, 2009
7:27pm PST

21 degrees 02 Cancer Moon

We have been talking since last fall about the tension between Uranus and Saturn. As you remember back on November 4th, (remember that date?) Saturn and Uranus moved into an exact opposition with one another. And even though they are not exact right now, they are close enough to bug. Meaning we are still under their influences.

The next time the two of them are exact is on Feb 5, which means we are building to that point ---and I am sure you are feeling the tension as much as I am! When you talk to people don’t you get this overwhelming feeling that people are between a rock and a hard place?

People want to make changes (Uranus) but they are stuck (Saturn). I hear people who would love to sell their houses but they can’t because they know they will take a loss. Or they can’t move to get their kids in a better school district because it is too far from their work. Or they have a great house and a good interest rate but they think they might lose their jobs.

It is like we are all frozen. No one knows where to go or how to even get ‘going’. Back on the New Moon I indicated that this is the lunar phase (Cap) to get our plans together. To start pondering what new structures can be built to get where we need to go.

We might not know the answer but this is the phase to start mulling it over. Of course this seems like a dichotomy when Cap Lunar phase is the moon to think about where you want to go but Saturn oppose Uranus are holding you back. It is so frustrating. I know, I’m with you on that one.

But interesting we are getting a bit of a perk from this FULL MOON which could be a bit helpful.

I will be the first to tell you full moons are a pain in the ass since our emotions are usually riding high. And this being a Cancer full moon, expect the emotions to flow even harder since it is a water sign. I know I am already feeling it. (Note to self: Never have a friend tell stories about Animal Rescues during Cancer Full moon.) But even if your emotions are a bit raw or sensitive the rub that you feel might have gift in it. Not unlike a pearl in a oyster.

I say this because on this FULL MOON, the Moon in Cancer is making a beautiful sextile to Saturn in Virgo. And The Sun in Capricorn is making a beautiful sextile to Uranus in Pisces. While at the same time the Moon in Cancer is trining Uranus in Pisces and the Sun is Trining Saturn in Virgo. These are fantastic aspects.

Basically, Saturn and Uranus who have been in court fighting like dogs have just now, (during the FULL MOON) gotten two new lawyers to broker a deal. The Sun and the Moon are communicating with them saying, “Okay what do you need?” “Will you accept___?” or, “Have you considered this perspective?”

It is very curious that this Full Moon is helping them out before they go into court again on Feb 5.

Now when you add the fact that tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde it makes me think a lot of us are going to be looking backwards a bit and re-evaluating some things that might have come up, perhaps things that came up since Nov 4 when Uranus/Saturn faced off.

Maybe there is another way to look at our situation that makes it seem less like a rock or a hard place. Or maybe it is even more Rock and Hard place but during the full moon our creative juices (Uranus) are up high (Moon) and practical solutions (Saturn) are starting to seem like a possibility (Sun). I am not suggesting our problems are over, gosh, no, they are NOT! But there might be some softening occur for the next three days that warms us up with possibilities.

See if you feel better about someone or something. Or don’t be surprised if you start to question some of your moves and opinions. Maybe there is a little something out there that inspires you in new ways and like I said softens you....

It is worth noting that this is the first SuperMoon of 2009. You can read more about them HERE and the Sabian symbol are:

“A woman awaiting a sailboat” & “A general accepting defeat gracefully”

I don’t about you but I need a lovely moon. Thank you, Spirit!


  1. Thank you Tracy for explaining the tension I've been feeling. I'm enjoying your writing, as always. :)

  2. Oh, my pleasure, Terri. And we're all feeling that tension!!! Saturn/Uranus will be doing this dance until the middle of 2010. So, hang in there.

  3. full cancer moon has a strange effect on me, if I have only one beer, I will be intoxicated. It could be the cancer/cappy pull( I personally thing that this position is the strongest opposition of all 12 planets). Its really the darndest thing.