Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steve Jobs Reversal

Today, Steve Jobs sent an email to the employees of Apple telling them that he would be stepping down due to complications in his health and he named his replacement who would take over (at least) until June. For some time now people have speculated that his health is in more trouble than reported. Perhaps. What I find interesting is that his first email was sent on January 5. On that date he indicated that had a thyroid condition and that was why he lost weight. Basically, "there is nothing going on here, keep it moving." On that date, Mercury was direct at 4 degrees of Aquarius. Then over the weekend Mercury turned retrograde at 8 degrees (7 and change). It crossed back to 4 degrees of Aquarius on Sunday. Perhaps on monday Mr. Jobs received more information about his condition because here we are now with Mercury at 6 degrees Aquarius with this new information.

I am not sure what is going on with his health but I would guess there could be more important news regarding either his health or Apple when Mercury hits 4 degrees Aquarius around Jan 19 and around the next time Mercury crosses that 4-8 degree Aquarius which will be Feb 19-22nd.

For more discussion about his astrological chart pick up the March 2007 issue of Mountain Astrologer and also Lynn Hayes has put up a nice piece.
Good health, Steve!

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