Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought I would take the opportunity of Aquarius New Moon to put up something that is not about astrology but certainly falls under the catagory of unusual..which thus is Aquarius' parish.
I watched this DVD all about Orbs. Orbs are those white balls of light that often show up in photos. They are usually dismissed as dust or water or some other thing that causes the light. I actually went looking for Orb information after photos were taken in my son's school auditorium and orbs were showing up everywhere. Close ups. Wide shots. It didn't matter. And they were around a few specific children. Anyway, someone loaned this movie to me and if you watch it, you will hear a completely different answer than dust or water causes the orbs. It was fascinating and I suggest it for anyone who is interested or anyone who has seen them. It is possible to see them with the naked eye. here's some photos

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